HYDRUS 2D/3D    삼차원 가변포화매체에서 물, 열, 용질 이송 모의


1. 소개

In HYDRUS version 2.x, we are expanding the four editions (Levels), which were available in version 1.x of HYDRUS, namely 2D-Lite, 2D-Standard, 3D-Lite, and 3D-Standard, with a new additional 3D-Professional Level. The 3D-Professinal Level will enable you to define transport domains of virtually arbitrary 3D shapes. Another major improvement that should significantly improve the effectiveness of working with HYDRUS, is an option to specify various domain properties, and initial and boundary conditions, on Geometrical Objects, rather than on FE-Mesh. We have also implemented two new solute transport modules (UNSATCHEM and CWM1) for evaluating the transport of major ions and for simulating processes in natural or constructed wetlands. Version 2.02, released in September 2012, offers three additional add-on modules: DualPerm for simulating two-dimensional variably-saturated water movement and solute transport in dual-permeability porous media, i.e., preferential and nonequilibrium water flow and solute transport, C-Ride for simulating two-dimensional colloid-facilitated solute transport, and HP2, which couples Hydrus (its two-dimensional part) with the PHREEQC geochemical code [Parkhurst and Appelo, 1999] to create this new comprehensive simulation tool (HP2 - acronym for HYDRUS-PHREEQC-2D), corresponding to a similar one-dimensional module HP1. There are also many other additional improvements and expansions of the model.

2. 링크

HYDRUS 에 대한 자세한 점은 아래 링크를 통해서 더 많이 찾아 보실 수 있습니다.


3. 라이선스 종류

HYDRUS 2D/3D 는 다음과 같은 종류의 패키지가 가능합니다.



추가 가능한 애드온 모듈은 다음과 같습니다.

  • Wetland-2D :
  • The biogeochemical Wetland module simulates transport and reaction processes, in Constructed Wetlands (CWs), engineered water treatment systems that optimize the treatment processes found in natural environments. CWs are popular systems which efficiently treat different kinds of polluted water and are therefore sustainable environmentally friendly solutions. More information: Wetland Module.
  • Unsatchem-2D :
  • The geochemical UNSATCHEM module simulates the transport of major ions (i.e., Ca, Mg, Na, K, SO4, CO3, and Cl) in variably-saturated porous media, including major ion equilibrium and kinetic non-equilibrium chemistry. The resulting code is intended for the prediction of major ion chemistry, as well as water and solute fluxes in soils during transient flow. More information: Unsatchem Module.
  • DualPerm-2D :
  • The DualPerm Module simulates two-dimensional variably-saturated water movement and solute transport in dual-permeability porous media, i.e., preferential and nonequilibrium water flow and solute transport. More information: DualPerm Module.
  • C-Ride-2D :
  • The C-Ride Module simulates two-dimensional colloid-facilitated solute transport, which often occurs for strongly sorbing contaminants (e.g., heavy metals, radionuclides, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and explosives) that are associated predominantly with the solid phase. More information: C-Ride Module.
  • HP2 Module :
  • The HP2 Module couples Hydrus with the PHREEQC geochemical code to create this new comprehensive simulation tool for (1) transient water flow, (2) the transport of multiple components, (3) mixed equilibrium/kinetic biogeochemical reactions, and (4) heat transport in two-dimensional variably-saturated porous media (soils). More information: HP2 Module.
  • The HYPAR is a parallelized version of the standard two-dimensional and three-dimensional HYDRUS computational modules (h2d_calc.exe and h3d_calc.exe). HYPAR uses parallel programming tools and techniques to take advantage of new multicore and/or multiprocessor computers and significantly speed up time-consuming simulations, especially those requiring a large number of finite elements. More information: HYPAR Module.
  • Slope Stability
  • The Slope Stability add-on module is intended to be used mainly for stability checks of embankments, dams, earth cuts and anchored sheeting structures. The influence of water is modeled using the distribution of pore pressure, which is imported automatically from the HYDRUS results for specified times. Each time step of water distribution can be analyzed separately. More information: Slope Stability Module.
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